Minutes: May 12, 2014 Meeting

Minutes of 05-12-2014 Eau Galle Board Meeting

Minutes are unofficial until approved by Town Board

The regular monthly meeting was called to order by Chairman Lund at 7:00 P.M. at the Town Hall.

Chairman Lund indicated that notice of the meeting was posted as required by Statutes.

Town Board members present were David North, Dennis Duckworth, Jim Lund and William Peavey.

The agenda was approved as presented on a motion by David North second by Dennis Duckworth, motion carried.

Minutes of the April 14-2014 Board Meeting were approved on a motion by David North second by Dennis Duckworth, motion carried

Bills for the month were reviewed. Motion by Dennis Duckworth second by David North to approve bills as presented, motion carried.

Clerk reviewed correspondence.

Resolution authorizing St. Croix County Highway Department to manage installation of Utilities in Town ROW was discussed. Motion by Dennis Duckworth to amend resolution to add; The Town reserve the right to enforce provisions of its Ordinances as applicable regarding installations in Town ROW second by David North, amendment carried. Motion by David North second by Jim Lund to approve resolution as amended, motion carried.

Discussion was held on possible issues on compliance with Town Ordinance regarding new residential construction in regards to compliance with state UDC code, no action, on next agenda.

Discussion was held regarding Town Zoning and official Town Map. Next meeting Town should adopt zoning map with planning Commission recommendations, then decide which form of zoning to adopt, or no zoning. Planning Commission to meet June 2 at 6:30 to review map and make recommendations.

Chairman Lund introduced Craig Nelson from Baldwin Ambulance Service to give an update on Baldwin Ambulance Service.

  • $14.00 per resident served
  • 1200 runs per year
  • Paramedic service
  • LUCAS device
  • Transport to hospital requested
  • 23 paramedics
  • 25 EMT’s
  • 2 Full time 24X7
  • 4 Ambulances
  • 2 rapid response vehicles
  • Response under 7 minutes 80% time
  • Sample contract available

Chairman Lund reviewed the need to appoint/reappoint member to planning commission. Motion by David North second by Dennis Duckworth to appoint Jeff Kennett, motion carried.

Reviewed request for hidden driveway sign at 452 233rd St. Motion by Dennis Duckworth second by David North to authorize a hidden driveway sign for 452 233rd, motion carried.

Discussion/action on allowing mobile home on property in a case of hardship was not needed, as resident removed the request.

Road work 2014

  • 230th ATV route signed.
  • Roads of concern
    • 12th ave
    • Sandpiper
    • 250th 1/2 mile
    • 55 th. St
  • Estimated County Costs per mile
    • $130,000 pave
    • $15,000 seal coat
    • $15,000 add base
    • $4,200 a day crack seal
    • $3,700 a day AMZ
    • Grind up old surface additional
  • Village of Baldwin may have funds for 55th from 63 to 220th in 2015.

Chairman’s Report;

  • Board of Review 06-24 at 12:00 noon, open book 10 to 12
    • Meet and adjourn 06-09
  • Hampton Cemetery sign donation
  • Clerk getting prices for Audit
  • Hall sign

Open Forum

  • Emily Kennett from 4H presented ideas for Hall Sign. Town costs not to exceed $100.00 was authorized
  • Well testing information was presented
  • Should unpaid bills go to small claims?
  • Options on rebuilding 55th.
  • Officer’s pictures taken for web site

Next meeting 06-09-2014 at 7:00 PM

Motion to adjourn by David North second by Dennis Duckworth, motion carried.

William Peavey Clerk/Treasure