Burning Permits

To obtain a burning permit, contact St. Croix County Dispatch (non-emergency number): 715-684-2112

Burning permits will no longer be issued by any Town Board member after January 1, 2005. It will be the responsibility of the person wishing to have ANY type of fire to call the Dispatch Center before starting a fire. The Dispatch Center telephone number is 684-2112.

If your fire is reported and the fire department comes out, you will be billed for the fire call if you have not called the Dispatch Center.

The Dispatch Center is open 24 hrs a day 365 days a year. Burning of asphalt, rubber(tires, etc), plastic or oily substances are prohibited.

Further Restrictions:

  • Burn late in the day when temperature is lower and humidity is higher.
  • Burn when the winds are gentle.
  • Have fire fighting tools on the site before you start the fire.
  • An adequate fire break must be around the material to be burned.
  • The fire must be TOTALLY EXTINGUISHED before you leave the area.
  • You are responsible if your fire gets away, and become liable for all expenses incurred in suppressing a fire and will be responsible for all damages caused by this fire. At present, the fire department charges $550.00 for the first two hours and $300.00 per hour for each additional hour. Special equipment and materials are charged extra when needed. We suggest you check the fire protection you have in your insurance policy to see if you have adequate coverage.
  • If conditions are such that any burning is too dangerous, such as dry, windy conditions, the Town chairman or a designated representative of the Town Board will notify the Dispatch Center to put a burning ban in effect until the notice is rescinded.