Brookville Cemetery

Cemetery Rules

As Adopted by Eau Galle Town Board on 03/14/2022

Hours: Open Daily from 5:00 AM-9:00 PM

For questions or more information, please contact the Town of Eau Galle.

  1. Please see Town of Eau Galle Fee Schedule for current pricing.
  2. Each lot shall allow for either: 2 cremation burials OR 1 casket burial and 1 cremation burial.
  3. A vault is required for each and every casket burial.
  4. A vault is not required for cremation burials; however, an urn or other container is required AND must be approved by the Town of Eau Galle.
  5. The approved urn/container must be buried at least three feet deep to the top.
  6. Stones at Head of lots only.
  7. All Stones must be in concrete with 6-inch border flush with ground for mowing.
  8. No planting of flowers, decorations or shrubs without Town Board permission.
  9. Flowers in front of monument only.
  10. Plastic flowers/pots/etc must be removed by Labor Day.
  11. Town of Eau Galle must be furnished with copy of death certificate.
  12. No fences or iron markers may be erected.
  13. No cutting of brush or trees without Town Board permission.

Cemetery Location