Minutes: Aug. 10, 2015 Board Meeting

Minutes are unofficial until approved by Town Board

The regular monthly meeting was called to order by Chairman Lund at 7:00 P.M. at the Town Hall.

Chairman Lund indicated that notice of the meeting was posted as required by Statutes.

Town Board members present were, Kevin Larson, Amy Shafer, Jim Lund and William Peavey.

The agenda was approved as presented on a motion by Amy Shafer second by Kevin Larson, motion carried.

Minutes of the July 13, 2015 Board Meeting were approved on a motion by Kevin Larson second by Amy Shafer, motion carried

Road Work 2015

  • 42nd Ave Bridge damage greater than anticipated.
  • Option of adding culvert on 250th to alleviate some water on 42nd.
    • Would require cooperation of County Parks and Landowner
    • Will contact County engineer to get letter for Park Department explaining why culvert across trail is necessary.
  • 265th culvert replaced and road fixed.
  • Boston road and Old B scheduled after Labor Day
  • Ackley tree service checking for tree issues at no costs
  • Will start ditch mowing now as weather is cooperating
  • 55th. patched
  • 33rd ave repaired by landowner at own expense
    • 6 to 8 thousand was budgeted amount
    • Town can pay partial if desired
    • Motion by Kevin Larson second by Amy Shafer to reimburse Barry Serier $6000.00 for repairs on 33rd ave with proof of expenses exceeding $6000.00, motion carried.

Bills for the month were reviewed. Motion by Amy Shafer second by Kevin Larson to approve bills as presented, motion carried.

Clerk reviewed correspondence.

  • The former Chris Lickness property rezoned to Ag1 by County

Building Permits issued in past month were reviewed

Action on resolution to approve amended and restated Articles of Incorporation for United Fire and Rescue District to allow 501(c)3 tax status was requested by Chairman Lund. Motion by Amy Shafer second by Kevin Larson to adopt resolution to approve amended and restated Articles of Incorporation for United Fire and Rescue District to allow 501(c)3 tax status, motion carried, resolution signed.

Discussion was held on possible issues on compliance with Town Ordinance regarding new residential construction in regards to compliance with state UDC code. Reviewed ordinance with discussion on a road bond requirement. On next agenda.

Chairman’s Report;

  • Possible Village Baldwin Annexation
  • Town 2016 Budget
  • Fire run at Terpestra

Open Forum

  • No concerns raised

Next meeting 09-14-2015 at 7:00 PM.

Motion to adjourn by Kevin Larson second by Amy Shafer, motion carried.

William Peavey Clerk/Treasure