Minutes: April 11, 2022 Board Meeting

Minutes of the April 11, 2022 Town of Eau Galle Board Meeting

*Minutes are unofficial until approved by the Town Board*

The regular monthly meeting was called to order by Town Board Chairman Lund at 7:00 PM at the town hall.

Chairman Lund indicated that the notice of the meeting was posted as required by statutes and noted one additional item (13iii) was added since the April Agenda was published in the Baldwin Bulletin.

The Town Board members present were Kevin Larson, Amy Shafer, Jim Lund, and Nicole Olson.

The agenda was approved as presented on a motion by Amy Shafer second by Kevin Larson, motion carried.

Minutes of the 03-14-2022 Town Board Meeting were approved on a motion by Kevin Larson second by Amy Shafer, motion carried.

Treasurer’s report and bills were reviewed. Motion by Amy Shafer second by Kevin Larson to approve the bills as presented, motion carried.

Building and Driveway Permits issued were reviewed.

Clerk reviewed correspondence and emails.

Town board appointment of Planning Committee members. Motion by Kevin Larson second by Amy Shafer to appoint Heather McAbee, John Murtha Jr. and Mike Ostlie to serve as planning committee members for a two-year term, motion carried.

Town Board discussion of updates to the Town of Eau Galle St. Croix County Ordinance #14-02 Implements of Husbandry. No action taken, discussion to continue next month.

The Town Board discussed purchasing new office equipment. Motion by Amy Shafer, second by Kevin Larson to purchase a TV monitor for use as a laptop monitor for the office, motion carried.

Town board discussion to continue membership in the Wisconsin Towns Association (WTA). Motion by Kevin Larson second by Amy Shafer to continue membership in the WTA for an annual fee of $1,064.00, motion carried.

Road Work:

The Town Board discussed Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). Motion by Amy Shafer second by Kevin Larson to move forward with applying for the BIL grant to improve town roads, motion carried.

BIL Committee Chairman updated the board on BIL meeting and recommended Cedar Corporation as the qualifying consulting firm to provide application assistance and engineering design for the FFY 23STP-Local Project. Motion by Kevin Larson, second by Amy Shafer to approve Cedar Corporation as the town’s qualifying consulting firm and pay the application fee, motion carried.

Town Board discussion of I-94 road work and possible ramp closures. Town Chairman indicated present weight limits can remain posted on town roads as needed due to the I-94 road work. Town Chairman may also post road closed, local traffic only signs as needed in order to preserve integrity of the town roads.

ARPA Update: None

Chairman’s Report:

Chairman asked the ATV club to check all ATV signs in the town.

Ditches will be mowed this year.

60th Avenue East of County Rd B is a shared road with the Town of Baldwin. A traffic counter indicated 540 vehicles/day traveling the road so it will need widening. This will be a shared road project in 2023, estimate is $245,000 shared cost.

33rd Avenue also needs repairing, and may be a project to consider this year.

Some of ARPA funds should be used for road maintenance.

Cemetery update: Currently waiting on an estimate for grinding stumps, spraying weeds, and seeding the cemetery.

Annual Town meeting will be held on April 19th at 7:00 PM.

Adjourned Board of Review is scheduled for Monday, May 9, 2022 at 6:50 PM

Spring Clean-up Day is scheduled for May 7, 2022 9 AM-12:00 PM at Murtha Sanitation.

Agenda item for next month, solar panels. Town board to review Nonresidential Building Permit Ordinance 2021-03. Ordinance may need updating to include solar panels.

Public Comment/Open Forum:

Town resident complaint regarding the property located at County Rd N and US Highway 63. Chairman Lund to reach out to the country again regarding this property.

Date of Next Meeting:

The next regular monthly Board Meeting will be held at 7:00 PM on May 9, 2022.


Motion to Adjourn at 8:28 PM by Amy Shafer, second by Kevin Larson, motion carried.

Nicole Olson
Town Clerk/Treasurer
Approved: 5-9-22