Minutes: 2013 Annual Meeting

Minutes of April 16, 2013 Annual Meeting

Minutes are unofficial until approved

The annual meeting of the Town of Eau Galle was called to order by Chairman Lund at 7:00 P.M.

Chairman Lund indicated the meeting notice had been published as required.

Minutes of the 2012 annual meeting were read and approved as corrected on a motion by Dennis Duckworth, second by David North, motion carried 19 yes 0 no. Correction was that Dennis Duckworth was the second on the motion to approve 2011 Annual Meeting Minutes.

Clerk/Treasure William Peavey reviewed the annual report and answered questions. Motion by Lynn Nelson second by Nola Monicken to approve annual report as presented, motion carried, 19 yes 0 no.

Motion by Dane Rasmussen second by Ole Monicken to designate the Baldwin Bulletin as official newspaper, motion carried, 19 yes 0 no.

Motion by Dane Rasmussen second by David North to designate First Bank of Baldwin as official depository of funds, motion carried, 19 yes 0 no.

Motion by Nola Monicken second by Brent Nelson to allow Town Board to set tax levy, motion carried, 19 yes, and 0 no.

Discussion was held on need to clear up title on parcel 008-1035-40-000 that is listed in the Tax Roll as belonging to the Town but the County Surveyor cannot find any deed. This parcel is a .5 acre strip 1 rd wide south side SW SW Section 12. Motion by Doug Mathison second by Jane Leaf to authorize the Town Board to Quick Claim Deed parcel 008-1035-40-000 to Jim & Sandra Risselman, motion carried, 19 yes 0 no. Clerk/treasure reported that information from WTA was that the Board is responsible to set terms and conditions.

Chairman’s Report;

  • 250th from 10th to 20th and 42nd to 50th resurfaced
  • 250th from Co. N to 30th and 10th to County Line all culverts replaced
  • Presently $15,000 over on snowplowing
  • Will be spraying brush in Town road ditches East of BB
  • Contact Clerk if you do not want spray used
  • Little building in 2012
  • There will be an informational meeting on the County Farmland Preservation Zoning plan in Eau Galle. Two possible dates are 04-30 and 05-07. After discussion the May 7 at 7 PM date was best and Clerk will advertise that date.

Old Business;

  • No old business

New business;

  • No new business

Motion by Doug Mathison second by Jackie Mathison to adjourn, motion carried, 20 yes 0 no.

William Peavey Clerk/Treasure

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