Minutes – May 12, 2008

Minutes of May 12, 2008

Minutes are unofficial until approved by Town of Eau Galle Town Board

The monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Eau Galle was called to order by Chairman Murtha at the Town Hall at 7:00 P.M.

Chairman Murtha indicated that the notice of meeting had been published as required by law.

Town Board members present were John Murtha, James Lund, and William Peavey, David North arrived at 7:45 .

Minutes of April 14, 2008 regular meeting were read and approved on a motion by Jim Lund second by John Murtha, motion carried.

Checks were reviewed and approved as presented with the addition of 5 election workers on a motion by John Murtha second by Jim Lund, motion carried.

Correspondence was reviewed. Question on ROW requirements was discussed.

Joel Kramer was present to discuss creating an ATV trail and or route in Eau Galle.

  • 60th from Cady line to Woodville proposed route
  • Jurisdiction for B in Woodville in question
  • Route system on public roads
  • Trail system on private property
  • Wildwood Trail would need to be used
  • Park fund dollars could be used
  • Economic impact
  • Liability governed by State Recreation Liability Law #895.52
  • Goal is to connect 3 counties
  • Noise is limited by Statue
  • No state insurance requirements
  • Operate dawn to dusk only
  • Common courtesy for speed
  • Mixed use trails do exist in Wisconsin
  • Concerns raised on trail “pollution”
  • Revisit on agenda next month
  • Concerns raised about trash
  • Will be going before County Parks Committee

Chairman’s Report;

  • Road postings off
  • Roads patched
  • Gravel Roads patrolled
  • 233 rd trees cut, more work needs to be done
  • Repair work started on bridge 250 th South of N
  • Town sign lighting fixed
  • Parking lot needs repair where damaged by plow

Open Forum;

  • Bids needed for road work?
  • Present quotes are under budget
  • Motion for road work on next months agenda
  • Setback is listed in Town Plan
  • Question on requiring dog licensing before returning
  • Check on State Statue, next months agenda
  • Concerns raised about home businesses

Next meeting 06-09 at 7:00

Motion by Jim Lund second by David North to adjourn, motion carried.