Minutes – June 8, 2009 Meeting

Minutes of June 8, 2009

Minutes are unofficial until approved by Town of Eau Galle Town Board

The Monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Eau Galle was called to order by Chairman Lund at the Town Hall at 7:05 P.M.

Chairman Lund indicated that the notice of meeting had been posted as required by statue.

Town Board members present were Barry Serier, Jim Lund, David North and William Peavey.

Minutes of May 11, 2009 were read and approved as corrected on a motion by David North second by Barry Serier, motion carried.

Discussed new land division for Jerry Vadnais in section 35. Board had no concerns with 1 new lot as proposed.

Reviewed bills for month and they were approved on a motion by Barry Serier, second by David North, motion carried.

Clerk read letter from Pete Stene regarding garbage and recycling charges, not an agenda item, on next month’s agenda.

Discussed microloan program committee, no action taken as County Committee now reviews and Town can review if Zoning changes are required.

Discussed Web site with Bob Young, prices and options are;

  • For Ordinances
  • $.89 per page for direct copy
  • $1.00 per page to set up as word document
  • Additional $135.00 to create Table of contents and link
  • About $225.00 to add ordinances
  • Monthly upkeep
  • $25.00 for minutes
  • $20.00 for notices
  • $250.00 set up
  • Cheaper if combine notices and minutes
  • Dennis Duckworth reported that County has some Town ordinances online
  • Clerk to check with County about requirements
  • Can create direct link to County
  • On next month’s agenda
  • Motion by Barry Serier second by Jim Lund to add minutes and notices to Web site starting in July, motion carried.

Discussed Land division ordinance and proposed amendments and options. Clerk to check with County about Ordinance amendments and appropriate time frame for requiring Bond. Also discussed issue of Septic and Well separation. Have on next month’s agenda.

Discussed 2009 road work.

  • Gravel roads done, seem to be wash boarding
  • 5 th ave. needs more work
  • About $100,000.00 left for 2009
  • Seal Coat $12,700.00 per mile
  • $90,000.00 per mile to repave
  • David North felt traffic count should be a consideration
  • Board decided to seal coat 10 th BB to 230 th , 20 th 63 to BB and 30 th 230 th to 250 th for a total about 6 miles.
  • Get estimate on culverts for 233 rd N to I-94 and if funds allow replace culverts in 2009 for a repave in 2010.

Discussed high speed internet at Town Hall. Motion by David North to authorize Clerk to install high speed internet at hall with base price of $39.95 a month plus installation costs second by Jim Lund, motion carried.

Chairman’s report:

  • Possible garbage contractor contacted
  • State Equalized valuation went from 97% in 09 to 103% in 2010

Open Forum;

  • Need to get bid to spray ditches
  • Does Town need disaster declaration form on file with County;¬†Clerk to check.

Next Meeting 07-13-2009 at 7:00 P.M.

Board of Review July 6, 2009 from noon to 2:00

Motion by Jim Lund second by Barry Serier to adjourn, motion carried.