Minutes – Jan. 14, 2008 Meeting

Minutes of January 14, 2008

Minutes are unofficial until approved by Town of Eau Galle Town Board

The monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Eau Galle was called to order by Chairman Murtha at the Town Hall at 7:00 P.M.

Chairman Murtha indicated that the notice of meeting had been posted as required by law.

Town Board members present were John Murtha, James Lund, David North and William Peavey.

Minutes of December 10, 2007 regular meeting were read and approved as corrected on a motion by Jim Lund second by David North, motion carried.

Checks were reviewed and approved with the addition of St. Croix County Highway Department, Robert Read and WTA check on a motion by David North second by Jim Lund, motion carried.

Correspondence was reviewed.

Robin Buck was not present for the WWCTV agenda item.

Discussed issues regarding 59 th ave off of 270 th . A letter was received that it is the opinion of Attorney Brent R. Johnson attorney representing Paul Nelson that Mr. Nelson is not responsible for paving 59 th Ave. St. Croix County Highway Department had earlier stated it was there opinion that Mr. Nelson is required to pave it. Clerk to notify Mr. Nelson it is Town of Eau Galle opinion that he is required to pave 59 th . Final Platt needs to be reviewed, Land Use Ordinance needs to be reviewed, state road standards need to be reviewed and Town minutes need to be reviewed.

Motion by John Murtha second by Jim Lund to appoint the following election workers, motion carried.

Olive Terpestra
Connie North
Karen Swanson

Donna Britton
Doreen Jacobson
Arlene Wangen

Update on Gun Club Court Ruling given by Lisa M. Agrimonti representing Citizens for a safe and Peaceful Eau Galle and Rush River. Attorney Agrimonti reviewed court judgment. Any plan to reopen must be reviewed by Court. Town of Eau Galle will be kept abreast of issue. Barry Serier requested information on procedure to remove Board member, Chairman Murtha instructed Clerk to get information to Mr. Serier. Barry Serier raised concerns about Town Board members action during Court action. Supervisor North answered concerns. Brent Nelson raised concerns about future gun issues. Tim Stave commented that Gun Clubs are needed. John Murtha thanked everyone for attending and keeping the meeting orderly.

Chairman’s report;

  • WTA District meeting Friday February 15 th in Eau Claire , Clerk to register 4 to attend.
  • WTA County meeting at Emerald Town Hall

Open Forum;

  • Questions on garbage refunds answered
  • Trees needed to be trimmed ;
  • 30 th by Rich Larson
  • 220 th by Blair Gunderson
  • Today’s meeting was posted instead of published
  • I-94 meeting, 3 lanes by 2018 BB to 128

Next meeting 02-11-2008 at 7:00 P.M.

Motion by Jim Lund second by David North to adjourn, motion carried.