Minutes – Jan. 11, 2010 Meeting

Minutes of January 11, 2010

Minutes are unofficial until approved by Town of Eau Galle Town Board

The Monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Eau Galle was called to order by Chairman Lund at the Town Hall at 7:00 P.M.

Chairman Lund indicated that the notice of meeting had been published as required by statue.

Town Board members present were Jim Lund, David North, Barry Serier and William Peavey.

Agenda was reviewed and approved on a motion by David North second by Barry Serier, motion carried.

Minutes of December 14, 2009 Board Meeting were read and approved on a motion by Barry Serier second by David North, motion carried.

Reviewed bills for month and they were approved with the addition of 5611 up to $160.00 for WTA District Meeting on a motion by David North second by Barry Serier, motion carried.

Clerk reviewed correspondence.

Discussed rezoning for Norman True to sell a Lot for a greenhouse business. Discussed need for rezoning and need to split parcel. Would require complying with Town Land Division Ordinance and Mr. True was given a copy. All Board members indicated that they did not see a problem at this time, application on next month’s agenda.

Reviewed Single and Two Family Building Permit Ordinance, on next month’s agenda with a Public Hearing at 6:45 P.M. on February 8, 2010 before Board Meeting.

Chairman’s Report;

  • 2010 Highway aids $99,000.00
  • Murtha Sanitation first pickup went OK
  • Still short 50 recycling carts
  • Base price for fuel for Garbage contract is $2.89
  • Price from Ackley Tree Service to remove trees from ditches
  • Brush on 30 th. Ave
  • 233 rd brush growing in ditch
  • WTA director Rick Stadelman has requested resolution from Towns regarding DOR proposal for County wide assessment. Resolution on next month’s agenda.
  • Open Forum
  • Presentation from Census Bureau on hiring census workers
  • Norman True requested more information on his zoning request
  • No new Lot required, on Lot 1
  • Presented sketch map of proposal
  • Resale could require commercial zoning
  • Raised product is agricultural product
  • Need to review Land Use plan
  • Need concept plan for review
  • 80% grown on site
  • Traffic is cube vans
  • Dennis Duckworth reported he had polled the Planning Commission and they had no issues unless it is considered Commercial then it is outside Commercial area
  • Motion by Barry Serier to recommend that Greenhouses are allowed as permitted use on Lot 1, if use changes permit is revoked, second by Jim Lund, motion carried.

Open Forum;

  • WTA Seminar in Eau Claire 03-26-2010
  • 4 to attend
  • Clerk send in registration

Next Meeting 02-08-2010 at 7:00 P.M Public Hearing at 6:45.

Motion by David North second by Barry Serier to adjourn, motion carried.

William Peavey Clerk/Treasure