Minutes – Aug. 13, 2012 Meeting

Minutes of 08-13-2012 Eau Galle Board

Minutes are unofficial until approved by Town Board

The regular monthly meeting was called to order by Chairman Lund at 7:00 P.M. at the Town Hall.

Chairman Lund indicated that notice of the meeting was posted as required by Statutes.

Town Board members present were David North, Dennis Duckworth, Jim Lund and William Peavey.

The agenda was approved as presented on a motion by Dennis Duckworth second by David North, motion carried.

Minutes of the July 9, 2012 Board meeting were approved on a motion by David North second by Dennis Duckworth motion carried

Bills for the month were reviewed. Motion by Dennis Duckworth second by David North to approve bills as presented, motion carried.

Clerk reviewed correspondence.

Reviewed assessor’s contract for 2013. Motion by Dennis Duckworth second by David North to approve assessors contract for 2013 with Benish Appraisal Service, motion carried, contract signed.

Discussed 2013 budget development. Goal is to leave Levy the same and have on next month agenda.

Lee Shambeau from 4 Control gave an update on the option of spraying brush/trees in Town ROW. Issues discussed were timing, notifying residents, dying trees falling on roads, costs, concerns about using pesticides and the “look” after spraying. Will have further discussion and no spraying this year.

Road work 2012;

  • Blacktop 250th. Soon
  • AMZ and crack seal 250th North of County N
  • Cut ditches as soon as County can
  • Have Ackley follow up with tree issues

Chairman Lund reviewed proposed lease agreement for the Towns agriculture land. Changes were made and on next month agenda for approval and discussion on how to advertise.

Chairman Lund updated the Board on the Wildwood Trail 42nd. Ave parking area. Any proposed parking area would be on Trail ROW so only Town obligation is ½ cost of construction.

Chairman’s report;

  • Audit to start soon
  • Fall cleanup day in October 9 to 12

Open Forum

  • Building Permit and Driveway Permits on 233rd were presented

Next meeting 09-10-2012 at 7:00 P.M.,

Motion to adjourn by David North second by Jim Lund, motion carried.

William Peavey Clerk/Treasure

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