Minutes – Aug. 11, 2003 Meeting

Minutes of August 11, 2003

The monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Eau Galle was called to order by Chairman Murtha at the Town Hall at 7:00 P.M.

Minutes were reviewed and approved on a motion by David North second by Kevin Larson, motion carried.

Bills for the month were reviewed and approved with the stipulation on the Insurance checks to be held until insurance coverage is reviewed, motion by John Murtha second by Kevin Larson, motion carried

Clerk reviewed correspondence

Richard Gedatus appeared before the Town of Eau Galle Town Board to request approval of a 1 lot CSM in section 13. Motion by David North second by Kevin Larson to conditionally approve the 1 lot CSM for Richard Gedatus with the condition that the Perk test be approved and the driveway situated as required by Town of Eau Galle Town Ordinance, motion carried, map signed.

Terry & Tammy Wamstad appeared before the Town of Eau Galle Town Board to request approval of a 3 lot CSM in section 10. Motion by John Murtha second by David North to approve this 3 lot CSM for Terry & Tammy Wamstad, motion carried, map signed.

Insurance coverage was discussed with Ken Singerhouse representing Rural Insurance. He recommended the Town of Eau Galle raise our liability coverage, lower coverage on old hall and raise coverage on new hall. He also recommended the Town of Eau Galle keep present company as our term started July 1st and their would be a cancellation penality. Clerk to get information of cost to increase liability to 5 million and increase coverage on new hall to $225,000.00, also possible saving to drop coverage on old hall except for cleanup costs.

Planning Commission Report;

  • Wamstad 8 lot major was approved
  • Starting September 1st require 10 days advance notice with request in writing.
  • Require applicant to notify adjoining neighbors
  • Discussed Board action to adopt Plan, Board has many questions before adopting
  • Will invite County Planning to next Planning meeting
  • Request a copy of all County Zoning decisions
  • Request Town of Eau Galle purchase a two drawer locking file cabinet for Planning Commission use, Board did authorize
  • Clerk to check if County Planning has reviewed Town of Eau Galle Town Plan


  • Question on Culvert on 20th
  • Shouldering on 55th
  • Need to get cost estimate on paving Town Hall Lot
  • Kevin Larson will check on Dave Benck Culvert
  • Discussed present Trash Ordinance, with discussion on raising fine for dumping, Disposal fee plus fine for dumping and to have on next month.

Chairman report;

  • Shouldering being done on 55th
  • 233rd potholes filled
  • 5 or 6 miles to be seal coated in next couple weeks
  • Sealcoat cost of about $8500. per mile
  • 270th paved S of County N
  • Branch in Cemetery to be removed by Tom Langer
  • 35,000 total coast of paving 10th
  • 38,500 estimated cost for 270th S of N
  • After present road costs paid have around 48,000 left in budget for 25th
  • 60th W of BB will not be seal coated in 2003
  • 60th E of B to be seal coated with Town Baldwin
  • Presented Stevens Engineering Park Plan costs
  • Question on who took hay off of Town

Meeting Sept 8 at 7:00 P.M.

Motion by David