Minutes – April 14, 2003 Meeting

Minutes of April 14, 2003 Board Meeting

Unofficial Minutes

The regular monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Eau Galle was called to order by Chairman Murtha at the Town Hall at 7:00 P.M..

Clerk/treasure William Peavey indicated that all officers had filled their Oath of Office and these were available for review at the Town Office.

Minutes of the March 10, 2003 meeting were reviewed and approved on a motion by Kevin Larson second by David North, motion carried.

Clerk reviewed correspondence.

Bills for the month were reviewed and approved on a motion by John Murtha second by Kevin Larson, motion carried.

Discussed two lot CSM for Ron Anderson on the Arthur Trapp property. Reason for the split is to settle an estate. Planning commission letter was read recommending the approval with the condition that the note be placed on the map that this parcel was requested to be planned conservation in the Town of Eau Galle Town Plan. Motion by David North second by John Murtha to approve CSM for the Arthur Trapp property with the condition from the Town of Eau Galle Planning Commission, motion carried, map signed.

Chairman’s Report;

  • Welcome David North to the Board
  • Add Fence Line Ordinance as a discussion item on annual meeting
  • Fire Band presently in Eau Galle
  • Class for new Town Officers 4-29 in Eau Claire
  • Planning Commission will meet 4-24-2003

Discussed Christensen major Subdivision in light of Wis. DOT input to Supervisor Larson. Wis. DOT would prefer the subdivision road go all the way to 222nd. St. Croix County Highway department rejected Platt as submitted. Humphrey engineering gave an update on their perceived concerns.

Open Forum;

  • Question on selling new parcel to adjoining owner, referred to County.
  • Saturday April 19th is cleanup day and annual meeting.
  • Clerk to check with County on possible Residential Violation on parcel
  • at 250th and N
  • Discussed 270th and 25th for possible repair in 2003
  • Discussed gravel on Town Hall Lawn
  • Discussed creating list of requirements for new Building Permits
  • Discussed creating list of requirements for approving a CSM

Next meeting 05-12-2003 at 7:00 P.M.

Motion by John Murtha second by Kevin Larson to adjourn, motion carried.