Driveway notice from United Fire & Rescue District

Notice: Residents served by United Fire and Rescue District

United Fire and Rescue District has become aware of issues with obstructions (trees, gates, tight corners, brush) on private driveways possibly delaying response times and/or damaging responding vehicles.

It is the property owner’s responsibility to construct and maintain private driveways to the standards recommended by the International Fire Code. United Fire and Rescue District will respond to all emergency calls but delays caused by obstructions are the responsibility of the owner.

The District will not be liable for any damage caused to property as result of an emergency response. Any damage caused to an emergency vehicle caused by an obstruction will be billed to the property owner.

Any questions about access to your property should be directed to your municipality and they will contact a United Fire and Rescue District representative. It is also recommended that if you have questions you contact your insurance carrier.

International Fire Code recommends every driveway should have 12 ft. of driving surface, 14 ft. of road base width, 20 ft. of horizontal clearance and 13.5 feet of vertical clearance to allow ingress and egress by emergency vehicles.

— United Fire and Rescue District Board of Directors